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Where to reach out for help coping after Ottawa bus crash

Photo by James Sutton via Unsplash.

Friday’s tragic bus crash at Westboro station may be distressing for many in the community.

Ottawa Public Health has a webpage about responding to stressful events and says:

“After an emergency or disaster, people may feel dazed or even numb. They may also feel sad, helpless, or anxious. In spite of the tragedy, some people just feel happy to be alive. It is not unusual to have bad memories or dreams. You may avoid places or people that remind you of the disaster. You might have trouble sleeping, eating, or paying attention. Many people have short tempers and get angry easily. You may have strong feelings right away. Or you may not notice a change until much later, after the crisis is over. Stress can change how you act with your friends and family."

Here are some resources to turn to for help: