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Where to get or renew your U-pass

Photo: Some random U-pass I found lying around.

For many post-secondary students in Ottawa, the U-pass is one of the most useful resources they receive during the school year. One thing is for sure, at $125.50 per month for an adult OC Transpo pass, the $446.96 it costs for a fall-winter U-pass is a deep discount for students who depend on transit. (Plus, it works on STO).

If you’re a new student or lost your U-pass, you’ll need to get one from your institution. Returning students can easily renew theirs by just tapping a special kiosk. Most post-secondary schools in Ottawa offer the U-pass, except for La Cité.

For the fall-winter period:

University of Ottawa

  • New U-passes are distributed at Tabaret hall, room 112, starting Aug. 21. Here’s the schedule.
  • Renew your U-pass at the recharging station in UCU next to the student union office. Medicine and Health Sciences students can also renew by the library at RGN. The kiosks are operational as of Aug. 15. 

Carleton University

  • Off-campus students: pick up new U-pass cards at the card office in Nideyinàn, room 407. More info…
  • Residence students will get their U-pass included in the move-in package. 
  • Renew using the kiosk across from the card office in Nideyinàn. 

Algonquin College

  • New students have to submit a photo online, after which they will get an email with pick-up info when the card is ready. More info…
  • Renewal kiosks are outside E-120 or in the first-floor atrium of ACCE. 

St. Paul

  • New cards by appointment at Guigues Hall, 161A.
  • The renewal kiosk is at GIG 020.


Devyn Barrie

Devyn Barrie is the publisher and editor of OttawaStart.com. He currently studies math and physics at the University of Ottawa, and holds a diploma in journalism from Algonquin College.