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What Ottawa was obsessed with in 2011


    Andrew King's
   "Stage Fright", depicting the dramatic final night of Bluesfest.  This painting was auctioned off as part of the

   Portraits of Bluesfest


** ** ** Ottawa was obsessed with weather . ** It was really hot this summer (and fall too).  It was really windy this summer. We were blown away by Bluesfest (or was it the other way around?) We even got the tail end of a hurricane in August that knocked over green bins and blew garbage down the road .  We took some incredible photos of lightning , and we had a lot of nice sunsets . ** ** ** ** ** Ottawa was obsessed with food . ** I know this, because I witnessed people lined up around the block at Taste of Wellington in September to sample a tiny piece of free bagel from the Bagelshop.  I know this, because Hintonburg residents held a wake for the old KFC that shut down.  And I know this, because Scotiabank Place introduced Golden Palace eggrolls to their menu, and several fans proclaimed it a great moment for the Ottawa Senators. ** ** ** Ottawa was obsessed with what other people thought about us. ** About once a month, the Ottawa Citizen published a letter or column with a title like “Canadians don’t love Ottawa” , or “Why is Ottawa ugly?” , or my favourite, the tourist who called Ottawa tawdry .  And then we’d spend the next week arguing that Ottawa isn’t all that bad, actually. ** ** ** Ottawa was obsessed with OC Transpo . ** Most of us hate OC Transpo (although one guy loves it ).  No need to re-hash all the issues here, but you might like this sketch and story of the singing bus driver . ** ** ** Ottawa was obsessed with construction . ** In particular, the Epic Replacement of the Carling Avenue Bridge . ** ** ** Ottawa was obsessed with The Mayor . ** Does he really write all his own Tweets ? (Mostly, yes.)  How does he attend so many events?  (He was cloned .)  And how can I get him to attend my next party?  ( Just ask him. ) ** ** ** Ottawa was also obsessed with, to a lesser degree: ** Mike Fisher getting traded , a certain yellow and blue meatball-and-furniture-selling store, Stephen Harper hanging out with Katy Perry , yoga pants , observing the fancy hats of people observing the royals , making snarky comments about the Lady Gaga show , and secretly not feeling too bad for Barrhaven when they had that waterban thing . ** ** Have a great 2012. ** ** ** ** ** See also: ** Ottawa New Year’s Eve Guide If you liked this post, please consider subscribing to our blog via email, Twitter, Facebook or RSS. Thank you.