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West-end cat killings believed to be work of coyote, not human

(Via Ottawa Humane Society)

A necropsy — conducted by the Ottawa Police West Criminal Investigations Section — of one of the deceased cats from Ottawa’s recent string of west end killings revealed that the perpetrator is a wild animal — most likely a coyote.

“There is some relief in knowing that it’s not a person behind these killings,” said Bruce Roney, OHS President & CEO. “But it doesn’t change the fact that these cats suffered a horrendous death and that the safest place for a cat is indoors.”

“We are pleased to see how seriously both the community and OPS treated this case,” Roney continued. “Our hearts go out to the people who lost a beloved pet during these past few weeks.”

The OHS always recommends that pet owners keep their cats inside, citing wild predators as one of the many dangers the outdoors poses to domestic cats.

The OHS has announced that the $5,000 reward will be directed back to Ottawa’s animals to provide life-saving care and shelter for animals in need.

More information on wild animals in Ottawa and how to humanely handle encounters with wildlife is available on the OHS’s website.