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Want to become a Volunteer Ottawa board member?

Volunteer Ottawa is looking for energetic and experienced professionals to assume positions on its Board of Directors. You may know that I’ve been on the VO board for several years and can attest to this being a fantastic, progressive and dedicated group. As much as being on a board is a volunteer position to which we give our time and skills, I come away from each board meetings knowing that I’ve learned from my fellow board members. This is a very knowledgeable group and the discussions are always interesting. We are committed to having a board that reflects the diversity of the Ottawa community.

** The Volunteer Ottawa Nominating Committee is currently looking for candidates with: ** - a legal background with applicable designation, or working towards - a human resources background with applicable designation, or working towards - a finance background with applicable designation, or working towards - experience in fundraising, specifically in the implementation of a fundraising plan - experience in PR, marketing and/or media relations - governmental and/or political experience ** Along with one or more of the following: ** - previous Board experience, particularly in the not-for-profit sector - experience in volunteer and/or not-for-profit sector - affiliation with a Volunteer Ottawa member organization - bilingual – French and English - strong demonstrated commitment to volunteerism - outreach and/or public speaking experience - change management experience - entrepreneurial experience - ability to work as a team member - respect for diversity - willingness to take on leadership responsibilities

Candidates with other applicable experience or strengths are also encouraged to apply. Application Deadline:

February 19, 2016.

** Vision ** Our Vision is an inclusive, engaged and empowered community realized through a strong not for profit sector that protects the most vulnerable; brings people together; responds to changing needs; and provides a social safety net. ** About Volunteer Ottawa ** Volunteer Ottawa is a charitable not-for-profit organization that builds community by strengthening the not-for-profit sector. Our activities fall into three main categories:

  1. Building Expertise VO workshops and training sessions on topics ranging from fundraising to volunteer management and board responsibilities ensure that both volunteers and staff in the not for profit sector have the expertise and tools they need to successfully serve their clients.

  2. Fostering Collaboration VO programs and networking opportunities facilitate links between the not for profit, private and governmental sectors and among not for profit organizations to address common interests.

  3. Promoting Volunteerism VO’s database of volunteer opportunities ensures that organizations have the volunteers they need and volunteers find the opportunities they are seeking. As strong believers in volunteerism’s power to foster a sense of belonging and community togetherness, Volunteer Ottawa offers programs that ensure that of people of all ages, disabilities, and backgrounds (including new Canadians) can volunteer. In addition, we work with corporations and professionals to help them find meaningful opportunities to give back in their community. ** Role & Responsibilities ** The Board’s role is to ensure that Volunteer Ottawa moves forward in fulfilling its mission and vision; develop and monitor the Organizational Strategic Plan; work with the Executive Director to ensure appropriate resources for the organization to fullfil its mission and to finance its programs; provide financial oversight and accountability; maintain effective governance of the organization; and ensure legal and ethical integrity and accountability of the organization. ** General Expectations of Board members: ** · Regularly participate in board meetings, committees and important related meetings · Make a serious commitment to participate actively in board and committee work · Stay informed about board and committee issues, prepare for meetings, and review and comment on minutes and reports · Get to know other board members and build collegial working relationships that contribute to consensus · Be an active participant in the board evaluation and planning efforts · Avoid any conflict of interest · Disclose all material facts and relationships, and refrain from voting when there is a conflict of interest · Maintain confidentiality · Participate in fundraising and/or special events

Time commitment is a minimum of 5 hours per month, with overall commitment dependent on current levels of activity.

Volunteer Ottawa is dedicated to creating a Board of Directors that reflects the diversity of the community in which we live and serve. We encourage applications from all qualified candidates.

Application Deadline:

February 19, 2016

** Application Instructions: ** 1. Please complete candidate information form: [ http://goo.gl/forms/


](http://goo.gl/forms/WFtyw921Jj) 2. Please send a short cover letter clearly demonstrating how you meet the criteria outlined above, along with a resume to:

Marie Eveline 613-736-5266 ext 155 [ executivedirector@