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VIDEOS: Aerial footage of the raging Ottawa River at Chaudière Falls

Hydro Ottawa has posted some incredible aerial footage of the Ottawa River raging over Chaudière Falls. Watch this:


The name “Chaudière” roughly translates as “Cauldron”, and was named by early French explorers. For centuries before the explorers, the falls were known as “Akikodjiwan”, the name given to the falls by the Anishinaabe people. The falls were a sacred meeting place, and the waterfall’s whirlpool was the bowl of a great peace pipe, and its mists were smoke rising to the Creator. _ (Source: Wikipedia) . _ Meanwhile, officials have closed federal and provincial government offices in Gatineau and are asking workers who use the Ottawa River bridges to commute to work to stay home on Monday.

This video is just one of several posted to YouTube and social media channels today, showing the power and level of the river as it passes through Ottawa. Here are a few more: