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Vakazoo.com - A Unique Pet Hotel Booking Platform Now Available in Ottawa

Vakazoo Inc. announced the launch of a unique online reservation platform that allows Canadian pet owners to book hotels and pet care services more effectively and take advantage of the best deals available.

The company has been focusing on developing a presence in the Quebec, British-Columbia, Alberta and Ontario markets, but plans to expand to additional provinces and cities across the country before entering the US market later this year.

Vakazoo’s self-serve platform makes it easy for pet owners to find premium accommodation for their dog or cat for short or long term stays. Pet owners can browse through hotels, resorts and kennels based on specific criteria, review property profiles and complete a booking directly online. The platform not only allows pet owners to book online, instead of over the phone, but is also helps pet parents to compare features, rates, etc. Vakazoo also acts as a support tool for pet hotels by offering phone, email and live chat help for users. Given the steady increase in online and mobile bookings and the fact that surveys show 40% of pet owners attempt to book appointments for their companion outside of standard business hours.

For pet hotels, Vakazoo helps increase bookings, complements the existing workforce and increases visibility. With Vakazoo, pet hotels can extend their current reach and capture a larger segment of the $7.3b industry that is pet boarding and grooming. Recent surveys show that Canada now has 6m dogs (80m for the US) and 8m cats (100m for the US) living in households across the country.

Co-founder and CEO, Nicolas Picard, says: “We are extremely happy to launch our new platform and start delivering value to pet owners and pet hotels. Since inception in late 2014, we have been dedicated to helping pet owners find peace of mind when they are away by knowing their pets are cared for by experts. Over the past three months, we have been working closely with our customers and property owners to build the best pet booking site.”

About Vakazoo Founded in 2014, Vakazoo is a Montreal-based startup led by Nicolas Picard. Picard and his partner were inspired to build a pet hotel-booking platform when working at consulting firms where they travelled extensively, and often with very little notice. He recognized the need for online and mobile solutions within the pet boarding sector. Picard now leads a 4-person team and is looking to aggressively expand his salesforce over the next six to 12 months.