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Yardley's. Photo by Robin Kelsey / Watawa Life.

Yardley’s. Photo by Robin Kelsey / Watawa Life.

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Online Classifieds

Garage Sales & Yard Sales & Flea Markets

Vintage Clothing, Consignment Shops, etc.

Thrift Stores

  • Value Village
  • Salvation Army Thrift Stores
  • Thrift Kitty (blog)
  • Here are five “thrift tips” from Tali Cahill, webmaster at the now-defunct Ottawa Thrift Guide:
    1. Look around. Those jeans you’re looking for might be in the shirts section, or even with the housewares, for that matter.
    2. When in doubt, forget about it. No matter how cheap an item is, it’s not a good deal if you never use it.
    3. Saturday afternoon is amateur time at the thrifts. Weekday mornings and evenings are less crowded, and the stock is less picked-over.
    4. The farther, the better. The farther a thrift store is from a trendy neighborhood, the better the deals.
    5. Generate good thrift karma. Donate your own cast-offs often, and never switch tags, hide items, or shoplift!

Antiques & Collectables

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