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Trillium pathway under 417 closing for bridge replacement — here's the detour

The Highway 417 bridge over the Trillium pathway and O-Train is being replaced.

Detours start this week for users of the Trillium pathway near Highway 417.

The Ministry of Transportation will be replacing the bridge that goes over the pathway and the O-Train, and as they prepare to do so the pathway is closing for some time.

They’re constructing a complete detour that will provide bi-directional, segregated bike lanes on Young and Preston Streets, but that won’t be ready until later in June. Starting Monday, May 27, a temporary detour will begin.

The temporary detour will send pedestrians east onto Young and Preston Streets, while cyclists will go west, down Young and then onto Bayswater Avenue.

Interim detour

The ultimate detour is expected to open June 21.

The ultimate detour

The pathway will be closed until the project is finished. The bridge is scheduled to be rapidly replaced in July 2020 and the project will be completed by the end of that year.

There are no traffic impacts on the highway scheduled this year, although there will be off-peak, single-lane closures on Preston Street on a daily and possibly nightly basis, the city said. Young and Louisa Streets will always remain open to local traffic.