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Trick or treat! A list of the best Halloween decorated houses in Ottawa

This display on Sunnyside Drive in Stittsville attracts hundreds per year, according to the homeowner. (Photo by Barry Gray)

Where are Ottawa’s most ghoulish and gruesome haunted houses, garages, and front lawns? Historically, here are some of the best as suggested by our readers.

  • Sunnyside Drive at Fernbank Road. The entire front yard is covered in tombstones and zombies. Nick Prinzo, the homeowner, says his house attracts hundreds every year (pictured above.)
  • 40 Whalings Cir.
  • Hobin Street, not far from Carp Road.
  • There’s a house on Hedgerow Lane with a fantastic skeleton display.

  • 214 Mission Trail Cres. (Thanks Chris for the tip!) “Arcadia Cemetery on Oct 31st.”
  • 44 Mersey Dr. (Thanks Katie!) “Owner also collects non-perishable food donations for Kanata food cupboard as well from people dropping by to see display. Best night to come by is Halloween as everything and everyone is on display that night. Can’t tell who is real and who is not until they move.”
  • 92, 94 and 96 Meadowlands Dr. These three houses all get in on the act.
  • 40 Starwood Rd.
  • There’s a great display at a house on the corner of Fourth Avenue and Chrysler Street in the Glebe.
  • 117 Penfield Drive has had thematic displays for over 15 years.

Photo via Alison Albert

  • 50 Osprey Crescent is “legendary” for its cemetery display, says Lynn, who adds that it takes the owner weeks to set up. “On Halloween itself there’s a spooky haunted house in his garage where you can get candy - if you dare.”
  • 1984 Orchard Avenue
  • One house on Akerson Street, off Michael Cowpland Drive.
  • A bunch of neighbours on Stallion Crescent seem to be in some sort of a competition with each other…
  • 2068 Balharrie Ave. is known as the “Thriller House” for their displays, says OttawaStart reader Sonia.

This list was originally published in 2017. Let us know of outdated information or new houses to add by emailing feedback@ottawastart.com.