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Tours now open for new House of Commons and Senate locations

MPs take a group photo in January 2019 inside the new House of Commons in West Block. (Photo via Speaker’s Office/@HoCSpeaker)

The new homes of the House of Commons and Senate are now open for tours.

The two houses of Parliament relocated, the Commons to West Block and the Senate to the old Government Conference Centre, because of the closure of Centre Block for rehabilitation work that is expected to last at least 10 years. The relocations will last as long as Centre Block is closed.

But free guided tours of the new digs have begun anew. You can see West Block, the new Senate of Canada Building or even visit East Block, which houses offices for some parliamentarians as well as preserved showrooms.

While you can usually show up for a tour, it’s recommended to book tickets (free!) in advance on the Library of Parliament’s website, as well as find details on tour times and security.

Tours of the House of Commons start in the visitor welcome centre, between West Block and Centre Block on the Hill.

Tours of the Senate begin at the Senate of Canada Building, 2 Rideau St.

For both, the Library of Parliament asks you to arrive 20 minutes early to get through security.

Ottawa Road Trips has a cool blog up with some great photos from inside the new houses. And you can check out this video from the Senate offering a peek inside the new Senate of Canada Building…