Local music released this summer that you may have missed

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Ottawa in the fall. By ssstevieb, from the OttawaStart Flickr Group[/caption]

As autumn rolls in, _ ** OttawaStart.com ** _ is taking a look at some of the new music released over summer in Ottawa/by local music groups (In no particular order):


** “Drought” ** by How Far To Mexico was released in early June.

Here is the first track (and our favourite), “Fools”:

Drought by How Far To Mexico

How Far to Mexico describes their music as “psychidyllic escapist jingle jangle indie-pop,” probably the most unique form out there.

Check out their Bandcamp. ** “Lux EP” ** was released September 4 (still _ technically _ summer) by genre-fluid Devecseri.

We liked the second track, FM, which begins with what sounds like a scan of the Ottawa FM radio band:

** “Josephine Leone EP” ** released by the eponymous band Josephine Leone August 15.

Josephine Leone EP by Josephine Leone

** “Graceland” ** by Steve Adamyk Band was released through Portland Ore. based label Dirtnap Records on July 29.

It’s a 13-track pop-punk album which, fittingly, is also available on clear vinyl LPs.

We liked the second track, “Carry On”:

Steve Adamyk Band - Graceland LP by Dirtnap Records

The album can be ordered on Dirtnap Record’s bandcamp. ** “Split w Kings Quest” ** by Heavy Bedroom hit the internet on June 22. It’s also available on cassette, if you feel like having it eaten up.

Split w Kings Quest by heavy bedroom

** “Spring EP” ** was, despite its name, released on June 27 by the Nepean-based alternative indie group PRAYER WHEELS.


** “God’s Teeth” ** is a rock-grunge album by Maritime Bleach, released July 4.

God’s Teeth by Maritime Bleach

** “Missioner EP” ** by the eponymous Missioner came out July 29, with perhaps the most bizarre artwork we’ve ever seen. Ah well, such is art.

Missioner EP by Missioner


** “Stadium Pow Wow” ** was released in early June by Ottawa-based electronic indigenous group A Tribe Called Red.

The group records for the Radicalized Records, Pirates Blend and Tribal Spirits Music labels. They are quite well-known, with over 100,000 likes on Facebook.

They have a tour across Canada and the U.S. from September 18 to December 15.

** “Anymore” ** is Grace Lachance’s first single through a record label. The Stittsville singer released it in late August through Universal Music Canada.

It’s been a little over a year since Lachance won Bluesfest’s _ She’s The One _ contest, which afforded her the opportunity to release this single.

Her radio debut was on JUMP 106.9 in Ottawa, which set off a province-wide radio tour in cities such as Kitchener, Toronto and Kingston.

** “Beautiful” ** by Safekeeping, released August 5.

Beautiful by Safekeeping

** “Misgiving” ** by Ryan Fitz, who is also a promoter for other local bands. Fitz tipped us off to a few pieces in this list.

Misgiving by Ryan Fitz

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