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The ultimate guide to Ottawa weather

“Absolutely frigid weather” at Major’s Hill. Photo by David Johnson via the OttawaStart Flickr pool.

Ottawa residents love to talk about the weather. Along with hockey and gas prices, it may be our favourite topic.

This page includes links to local forecasts, weather alerts, satellite and radar images, along with specialty forecasts.

Detailed forecasts and conditions

Radar, satellite and more maps

A few radar links for tracking rain, snow and other precipitation:

Air Quality and specialty

From the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks: “The Air Quality Health Index or ‘AQHI’ is a scale designed to help you understand what the air quality around you means to your health. This index pays particular attention to people who are sensitive to air pollution and provides them with advice on how to protect their health during air quality levels associated with low, moderate, high and very high health risks."

The Weather Network has a report/forecast for everything except alien invasion:

Stats, info, and more