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The Official Kickstarter Launch of the UNO headphone stand

UNO headphone stand

The UNO headphone stand began development in 2014. After many concept designs, prototypes and market feasibility testing, we have created a product that is economical, beautiful and everlasting.

The team set out to create a product to not just hold your headphones and prevent damage, but also display them with, a design that would compliment most of the high end products that normally sit on your desk.

The idea started from a pair of very expensive headphones from one of our team members which were badly damaged and rough looking from sitting down on his office table.

This brought together a group of friends, to design and prototype the UNO, start our company Thius, and most importantly have fun.

The use of the selected aluminum alloy, allowed the UNO to be strong, thin lightweight, with the design evolution going through several iterations regarding dimensions and shape, to achieve the perfect equilibrium. ** The Kickstarter Campaign ** Our company Thius had created an incredible looking headphone stand that will compliment anything that’s currently on your workstation. Its called UNO. We have launched our kickstarter campaign today, April 10th, so now the public can help us make UNO a reality by visiting the Kickstarter page and pledging money. If you pledge or share the kickstarter page, you’re not only donating money but you’re also breathing life into a very small, local startup company.

Through kickstarter you can pledge absolutely whatever amount you want, whether its $1 or $5000, Everything helps. If we don’t make our goal during our kickstarter campaign everyone gets all their money back and they don’t get charged, so there’s really no downside to supporting us :) Another plus side to kickstarter, is that during the campaign the UNO will only cost $37, but its only on for a limited time. Then it will go up to $45, so hurry to get one now :)

Thius wants to Thank everyone in advance for your support and generosity, it makes a HUGE impact.

again.. Thank you.

We hope you will continue to follow with our journey through this exciting time. Please share with everyone you know :)