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The channel formerly known as CHRO, then The New RO, then A-Channel, then just plain "A", will henceforth be known as CTV 2

CTV announced today that they’ll be re-branding all of their “A” networks in Canada.  Starting this fall, the channels will be known as “CTV 2”, and they’ll broadcast in HD.

My my count that’ll be the fifth name for “Cable 6” in Ottawa in about 15 years, and the sixth in the stations history.  Here’s a look back, with a little help from our friends at Wikipedia:

  • 1961: Station signs on under the call sign “CHOV”
  • 1977 (or thereabouts): Changes call sign to “CHRO”
  • 1998: Changes name to “The New RO”.  Tedious jokes about shaky camera newscasts begin.
  • 2005: Changes name to “A-Channel”
  • 2008: Changes name to just “A”
  • 2011 (coming this fall): CTV 2

I’ll predict the next name change will happen in 2014 or 2015, when they’ll be known as the “Eh” channel.