'Textbook example' of chain of survival saves man after cardiac arrest

_ (press release) _ Paramedics responded to a call for a 51 year old male in cardiac arrest at a martial arts academy in Kanata today. The Martial Arts academy was holding a day of celebration.


The male was competing for his second degree black belt at a martial arts academy on Stonehaven Drive when he collapsed to the floor.


The academy was packed with people and they sprung into action to start CPR on their friend, while CPR was ongoing, a call to 911 to activate paramedics was placed.  The communications officer advised the caller that there was a defibrillator across the parking lot in a City of Ottawa Community Center.

Someone was sent to get the defibrillator and it was applied and activated by a dentist down the strip mall. The Public Access Defibrillator successfully delivered life-saving energy to the mans heart.


When paramedics arrived the male had a pulse, and before leaving scene, he was arguing with the paramedics about not needing to go to the hospital.


This call is a textbook example of the key elements in the chain of survival, early notification of 911, early bystander CPR, early defibrillation with a public access defibrillator, and early paramedic care.


Despite the patients objections he was treated and transported to a local hospital is serious but stable condition


The city of Ottawa maintains a database of Public Access Defibrillators and when a call is placed for a cardiac arrest, the closest defibrillator is identified to the call originator. The public can register their defibrillator at 613-580-2424 ext 22452


The city also offers CPR classes – www.Ottawa.Ca or by calling 311