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CHRISTMAS MYSTERY: WW2 B-17 full of Christmas cargo lost without a trace

_ (Republished from Dec. 15, 2015) _ A B17 Bomber from Ottawa loaded with Christmas cargo disappeared without a trace on December 15, 1944. Andrew King tells the story. (This originally appeared on his blog, Ottawa Rewind .) During World War 2, Ottawa’s Rockcliffe air base operated a total of six B17 Flying Fortress aircraft that were outfitted as transport “mailbirds” ferrying thousands of letters and packages between Canada and the fighting forces overseas in Europe. ...

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OCT 15: Andrew King's OttFink T-Shirt Party

Folks in Ottawa know how to get around their city through many forms of transportation..cycling, walking, driving, busing, motorcycling and walking all take us to where we want to go. Now these different modes of transportation are brought to life by ** Andrew King ** through a style reminiscent of the 1960’s “RatFink” revolution started by legendary cartoonist and automotive Hot Rodder Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. ...

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Andrew King's new sinkhole-inspired painting

https://twitter.com/twitandrewking/status/743063046587846656 ** Andrew King’s ** new sinkhole -inspired painting titled _ “Ottawa Tourist Trap” _ will be on sale at this weekend’s Art in the Alley event, June 17-19 at 1395B Wellington Street West. “Experience a new collection of artwork by local artists Alison Fowler, Ross Rheaume, Andrew King and photographer Jason Fournier as they showcase their work outdoors in the alleyway of 1395 Wellington St W. ...