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Dog social, walk in support of training for guide dogs

[ ](https://www.flickr.com/photos/mikealex/19065640889/in/photolist-v2kNsn-bjXuPV-bKo8xp-rfTGvj-VKq7HF-q8CJTX-ZQVWLs-dvEWiU-oRoTu8-eaRZHW-qUq5L9-bGgBmn-p6hdne-v3LoNn-dYsuDL-Wcavan-pHfaBM-Tz5qyD-qDeMRr-dbja6c-egdv2b-cAM4M7-e3ZYKU-eZetou-erYoTm-c5Xav5-eZ3f3r-d8Ua2d-GwCNxo-hrLURi-bwgJEQ-bicQbx-GFzXw6-W2MkFf-bMjDCn-xKkBR6-ArNpaq-wN3kjM-wNxGuk-qDd7Tv) _ (Via Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind) _ Ottawa, Ontario – Calling all dog owners in the Ottawa area! You and your dog can go for a walk to support the training of guide dogs and assistance dogs. ...

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Ottawa-area based SchoolBOX recognizes Ottawa Councillor Diane Deans as its 500th international volunteer in Nicaragua

_ (via SchoolBox) _ On International Women’s Day, SchoolBOX is proud to announce that its 500th international volunteer in Nicaragua is Ottawa Councillor Diane Deans. She was part of an all-women volunteer team in February 2016 in Nicaragua. This team helped construct the 76th classroom for the Almonte-based charity with funds raised in Ottawa. ...

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Make sure your donations go to refugees and Ottawa residents in need

Councillor Rick Chiarelli would like to announce a coordinated effort by Capital Welcomes, other local community groups (such as Ottawa Neighbourhood Services, the Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul, etc.) and with support from Refugee613 that will help ensure that donations of clothing for both refugees and long time Ottawa residents make it to their intended recipients. ...

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Alliance to End Homelessness Teams Up with National Coalition to End Youth Homelessness in Ottawa

With local support from United Way Ottawa, and national support from A Way Home, local community partners are coming together in an unprecedented fashion to prevent and end youth homelessness in Ottawa. Convened by the Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa, the local initiative is focused on developing and implementing a plan that ensures a strong, coordinated community of support for youth 16-25. ...

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Outpouring of condolences for Max Keeping

[caption id="attachment_18108” align="aligncenter” width="620”] via CTV Ottawa[/caption] https://twitter.com/JimWatsonOttawa/status/649704909336612864 https://twitter.com/KatePorterCBC/status/649701878087946240 https://twitter.com/CarolAnneCTV/status/649699490539155456 https://twitter.com/UnitedWayOttawa/status/649705140002418688 https://twitter.com/marianne4kanata/status/649701187802001408 https://twitter.com/AlexMunterCHEO/status/649704277959700480 https://twitter.com/missfish/status/649697885110583297 https://twitter.com/OttawaCitizen/status/649702586275246080 Tweets about “Max Keeping”