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BOOK LAUNCH: From Walk-Up to High-Rise - Ottawa's historic apartment buildings

** A HERITAGE OTTAWA BOOK LAUNCH ** Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 19:00 to 21:00 Join Heritage Ottawa as we launch our newest book with this special presentation by two of its contributors, Shannon Ricketts and Susan Ross. The fascinating story of how apartment house living emerged in 20th century Ottawa focuses on Centretown, Sandy Hill and parts of Lowertown East. ...

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City challenges OMB decision on Centretown plan

The City of Ottawa is challenging an Ontario Municipal Board decision that, if left unappealed, could create uncertainty about the authority of both the City’s Official Plan and local neighbourhood plans.  The Ontario Municipal Board decision on April 29 concerns Official Plan Amendment 117, which implements the Centretown Community Design Plan – a plan that took several years to draft and involved exhaustive public consultation. ...

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Christopher Ryan: The fall of Trafalgar House (110 Argyle)

_ A weekly feature by Christopher Ryan , a local photographer, blogger and researcher. _ _ _ [ ](http://ottawastart.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/01.-New-Trafalgar-House.jpg) _ Trafalgar House, the former home of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 16. Image: May 2014 _ In 1918, seeking a club house for returned soldiers of the trenches, the Great War Veterans’ Association (GWVA) successfully convinced the City of Ottawa to purchase the a large stone home on the southeast corner of Cartier and Cooper streets in Centretown. ...