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Now Open: TOP YOUR PIE Lebanese original pie store with original recipes that exceed just the standard meat and cheese pies.

TOP YOUR PIE serves original Lebanese pies is now open in Barrhaven Ottawa @ 2910 Woodroffe Ave. K2J 4G3. Please follow us on Facebook and check out our menu as well as photos of our Standard Zaatar/Meat/Cheese/Spinach pies, Kafta pies, Chicken and Cheese pies, our Chicken/Beef Shawarma pies and so on and so forth… ...

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Fake Friday: Fall Colours Of New MiniVans, Dying Lawn Grass Draw Huge Crowds To Barrhaven

[ ](http://ottawastart.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/barrcolours.jpg) _ Barrhaven- _ Countless crowds of curious onlookers flooded the streets of Barrhaven earlier this week to take in the vibrant colours of the changing lawns and newly leased minivans inside the community. Devoid of any trees or other foliage, Barrhaven boasts an impressive and colourful display of dying lawns and new minivans that paint a mutli-coloured palette of vibrancy within the suburban community. ...