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Stittsville bus riders thank their driver the correct way (with timbits)

“New Flyer” Photo by Justin S. Campbell, via Flickr. (Used under a Creative Commons License.)

On Transit Driver Appreciation Day, a simple “thank you” goes a long way.

But timbits are certainly welcome, too.

Team 263, the Stittsville cabal of bus riders who, in their own words, “sit at the back of the (#263) bus and make a lot of noise,” offered their driver Rosy the doughey delights during an 8 a.m.-hour run.

The driver is Rosy Divirgilio, who replied to the above tweet. She said she only drives the 263 once every two weeks and that it was a pleasure to drive it today.

Although that was certainly the most elaborate display tweeted on Monday, there was still lots of love for non-263 drivers.

You can show appreciation for that driver who went above and beyond any day of the year now. OC Transpo has a detailed web form you can fill out to give any employee a commendation.