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Some photos from our visit to this year's New Art Fest in the Glebe

If I had to choose the best Ottawa event of the weekend, it wouldn’t be Doors Open Ottawa , or Dickinson Days , or the Children’s Festival .  Those are all great events, but the best by far is the New Art Festival at Central Park in the Glebe.

It’s free. It’s outdoors.  There’s art, ranging from oil paintings to sculptures to crafts.  There’s food, there’s music, there are performances.  And it’s family-friendly without being dull and boring.  I was planning to take a lot of photos on Saturday but we were so busy having fun I didn’t have time to pull out the camera.  And the great thing is, it continues all day today.  Here’s a bit of what we saw:


Adding some colour to the Bank Street Festival of Construction.


This event is HUGE. Dozens and dozens of artists.


This is made out of a propane tank or something, by Dog Bite Steel .


I helped staple this creation.


Even the face painting was artistic.


An interloper from the Almonte Puppets Up festival .


And there was violin music in the middle of the field.

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