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Some fun tweets from tonight's Lady Gaga show #ottgaga

  • ** @amy_c_rankin: ** And now the concert is being poorly re-enacted on #octranspo

    • ** @MAllinotte: ** Sparks shooting out of her boobs and crotch. Again, somehow not surprising.

    • ** @amyboughner: ** I’m assuming the harpist never pictured this life for herself

    • ** @mpearson78: ** OMG, @ladygaga just admitted she drinks Bud Light. Someone pour her a cold glass of Beau’s.

    • ** @cbernardi: ** To the ladies behind us complaining they can’t see cause ppl r standing/dancing. Umm le shut it + save it for Bluesfest and ur lawnchairs.

    • ** @JimWatsonOttawa: ** At the Lady Gaga concert with Max Keeping and a whole bunch of Lady Gaga lookalikes! photo

    • ** @AnnBac9: ** we saw 2 drunk gaga impersonators (very drunk) escorted out if building.

    • ** @amyboughner: ** Surprised by the number of women I saw wearing way too little for the weather complaining about the weather

    • ** @LittleBitOBling: ** Off to Lady Gaga! If you are there, I have a half skeleton face with blue funky eyes and one black zombie contact, oh and blue yarn hair!!

    • ** @ArielTroster: ** Ready for the Lady Gaga show after an epic day of shoveling, bucket-emptying + other flood remedies. Pls start on time, I’m zonked

    • ** @jentraplin: ** Gaga schmaga

** Bonus: ** I love how excited Max and Jim look in this photo from @mpearson78

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