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Six projects the city hopes will transform Vanier into a more liveable neighbourhood

The city’s projects to revitalize Vanier are a part of “Vision Vanier”.

The City of Ottawa has posted this video on their website to explain the Vision Vanier initiatives. Here’s some details from their website:

Vision Vanier is an umbrella initiative of City projects that aim to revitalize Vanier and turn it into a liveable neighbourhood. This will be done through land-use planning, economic development, infrastructure improvements, transportation and mobility, and arts, culture and heritage. Vision Vanier includes six key projects:

  1. Building Better Revitalized Neighborhoods: The City prioritized neighbourhoods for revitalization and developed action plans to improve their health, vibrancy and liveability.
  2. Montreal Road Community Improvement Plan: The City provides Tax Increment Equivalent Grants for eligible property owners to redevelop lands or buildings that are underused, idle or in need of repair or renovation.
  3. Montreal Road Revitalization: The City is building a vibrant and welcoming main street with a well-balanced transportation network that will allow residents and businesses to thrive.
  4. Riverain Park parking lot and pathway renewal: The City resurfaced the parking lot and built a new multi-use pathway linking McArthur Avenue to Riverain Park, improving accessibility, safety and connectivity.
  5. Culture in Action: The City is collaborating with local artists and organizations to create a plan to improve the artistic, heritage and cultural life of Vanier residents.
  6. Vanier and Montreal Road Public Art Program: The City is integrating innovative public art that reflects Vanier’s unique character and diversity in the revitalization of Montreal Road and surrounding neighbourhoods.