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Science and Tech Museum to display Olympian Erica Wiebe's high-tech training gear

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*Media are invited to attend, the public is invited to watch the live stream of the event on Facebook

OTTAWA, Tuesday, August 23, 2016 — The Canada Science and Technology Museum will tell the story of Erica Wiebe’s path to Olympic gold with a display of her biometric training gear in the new Museum, set to open in fall 2017.

Erica, who won gold in the women’s freestyle 75 kg. wrestling competition on Thursday, harnessed the technology embedded in the clothing to measure her progress and augment her results.

The connection between one of the most ancient of sports with this leading-edge technology is a story of innovation and perseverance, which will inspire athletes, scientists and museum visitors alike.

The suit, along with several other items that map Erica’s route to the Olympic gold medal, was acquired by the Museum in June of this year.

Biometric clothing gives athletes measured insights into their training using sensors built into the bodies of their athletic wear. The clothing reflects a broader movement towards the importance of wearable technology in the lives of Canadians.