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Royal swans make annual return to the Rideau River

Today, the City of Ottawa released 11 Royal swans onto the shores of the Rideau River for another season on the Ottawa waterway. The swans will make the Rideau River their home until the cold weather returns in late October.


Releasing the Royal swans has been a spring tradition in Ottawa for 47 years. The grace and beauty of these birds, spotted throughout the summer as they explore the Rideau River, delight residents and visitors alike.


The Mute (white) swans are direct descendants of the swans that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II gifted to Ottawa to commemorate Canada’s Centennial Year in 1967. The Australian Black swans are descendants of a pair obtained in 1974.


The City of Ottawa reminds residents and visitors not to feed the swans as it could be harmful to their health. Anyone who sees a sick or injured swan is encouraged to call 3-1-1 immediately and provide the exact location of the swan and its colour.


For more information on the Royal swans visit ottawa.ca .