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Rose Simpson: Hope springs eternal even if spring does not

_ “Tulips and snow in our front garden” / photo by Ross Dunn from the OttawaStart Flickr Group _


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For the past week, I’ve had obsessive thoughts about maple syrup and honey.

Two weeks ago, I ran out of syrup and I’ve been waiting for the sap to start drooling out of the maple trees so I can buy a four gallon jug of the stuff. I refuse to buy the teeny tiny jars they’re selling at Farm Boy – the remnants of last year’s crop.

I’m spoiled, I’ll admit it.

I live in Ottawa. I’m not a damned tourist!

Ditto honey. I don’t want any of that Billy Bee stuff they sell in toy bears. I want a jug of the stuff that some poor farmer had to suffer to harvest. Honey is no good unless the farmer can personally show me the sting marks.

This morning, I woke up to tired trees heaving from the heavy weight of spring snow. This damned winter is making it tremendously difficult for me, and the sap, to run in the sunshine.

The snow is pretty enough. Beats walking the Black Bastard Finnigan in the freezing rain.

But I hate it.

I actually had to wear my spikes to get to the car yesterday. That’s never happened before.

And for the first time, perhaps ever, I’ve completely worn out a winter coat.

The weather has wreaked havoc on this sleepy burg. You can’t drive down a street without losing your muffler. And I nearly took a header on Queen Street last week in a pothole in the sidewalk.

But there are signs that the drought of sweetness may soon be over.

Yesterday, the Creator – I’m calling God that now that Russell Crow disguised as Noah is calling her that – threw me a bone.

I was walking through the Elmvale Mall and I saw an angel.

The honey lady is back with her creams and her organic bee drippings. Apparently, she’s been hiding at Carlingwood for two damned years, but now she’s back in my ‘hood selling the sweet nectar that I’ve been longing for.

Too bad I just bought a honking big jar of the stuff at Farm Boy.

I promised her my business, though, so I’ve got to get busy making honey bran muffins.

What else can I make? I know! Baklava!

In any event, the Creator gave me a sign and I’m taking it.

Hope springs eternal even if spring does not.

Rose Simpson

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