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Residents can get grants to replace trees destroyed in last year's tornadoes

Downed trees after last September’s tornadoes in Ottawa. (Photo/Tree Canada)

Via Tree Canada

Tree Canada, Canada’s leading national tree charity, is supporting Ottawa-Gatineau residents replace trees lost from last September’s devasting tornadoes through its Operation ReLeaf Ottawa-Gatineau Tornadoes program, an ambitious greening initiative which provides funding to affected residents to re-plant trees on their property.

Applications for the grant program are now open with up to $300 in funding available for each applicant.

Residents pre-approved by Tree Canada will be quickly reimbursed for their purchase of trees. Residents can apply to the Operation ReLeaf Ottawa-Gatineau Tornadoes granting program until April 21, 2019. Tree Canada will also be offering technical advice with their partners for those wanting to know the correct way to plant and maintain urban trees.

Tree Canada is grateful for the generous support of many individuals from across Canada, as well as from FedEx, TELUS and Hydro One who immediately contributed $50,000 each to support Operation ReLeaf efforts to replace as many trees lost as possible.

In cooperation with the City of Ottawa, Ecology Ottawa, the Ville de Gatineau and le Conseil régional de l’environnement et du développement durable de l’Outaouais (CREDDO), Tree Canada is aiming to inform people on planting and maintenance techniques to allow the new trees to thrive.

To plant even more trees, Tree Canada is continuing to seek more individuals and members of the business community to provide their financial support by donating to a dedicated campaign at treecanada.ca/ottawagatineautornadoes.

By replacing the lost trees, Tree Canada hopes to restore what was taken from the landscape with new growth and hope for these affected communities.