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Reminder: OC Transpo service adjusted due to work on Transitway between Hurdman and Blair

OC Transpo reminds customers that bus service has been adjusted to allow for O-Train Confederation Line construction work on the Transitway between Hurdman and Blair Stations. All stations, except for Cyrville, remain open to customers.


Customers who have not travelled on OC Transpo since before late June and who may not be familiar with the service adjustments that began then should visit octranspo.com before they travel, to plan their trip.


Approximately 84 per cent of OC Transpo customers were not affected by these service adjustments; however, some customers have been required to make changes to their trips or to their connection points. Bus routes were adjusted in late June between Blair and Campus Stations. Cyrville Station is now closed, and some routes no longer stop at Lees, Hurdman, Train or St-Laurent Stations. These adjustments will evolve as additional segments of the Transitway are closed due to on-going construction over the next three years, until the O-Train Confederation Line opens in 2018.


Most bus routes that previously used this section of the Transitway now operate on parallel corridors, including Highway 417 and Ottawa Road 174, where newly constructed bus-only lanes and other infrastructure modifications provide priority to OC Transpo buses, and ensure quick and reliable travel times to and from downtown. Travel time has, however, increased on certain trips, and some riders now require an additional transfer.


The following measures are in place to ensure efficient and reliable bus service:

New bus-only lanes, built on portions of Ottawa Road 174 and Highway 417, are used by east-end routes.

Some routes now bypass stations to reduce travel times.

Two new bus routes improve travel options for transit customers – Route 91 supplements Route 95 between Trim and Baseline Stations from Monday to Friday, providing a faster trip to and from downtown, and Route 92 has replaced Route 96A and, along with Route 96, provides service to Via Rail Canada’s Ottawa Station.

Bus routes and transfer options have been carefully planned to minimize inconvenience to customers.

Routing adjustments affect the following: peak-period routes 20-77 and 192-283, and Routes 6, 18, 94, 95, 96, 101, 114, 124, 126, 127, 128, 129, 176, 202, 401 and 451. Customers should use the Travel Planner at octranspo.com to find their best travel option.


Construction of new light rail stations at Blair, Cyrville, St-Laurent, Train and Hurdman has affected customers as follows:

Blair Station has moved to a temporary location near Blair Road. The retail store has closed, but the pedestrian access to Telesat and Pineview is being maintained via a new temporary pathway connecting to the station.

Cyrville Station has closed for three years, but service now operates nearby on Cyrville Road.

All service at St-Laurent Station has moved to the upper platform and a new ramp now connects the upper platform directly to the bus-only lane on Highway 417 westbound. Some routes bypass St-Laurent Station eastbound to reduce travel times.

Service to Train Station is provided by Routes 92 and 96, at a new stop on the Via Terminal access road located at the main entrance to the Via Station.

On September 6, the existing Hurdman Station platform will be replaced by a new platform just east of the current one to allow for construction of the new light rail transit station. Routes serving Hurdman Station may serve different stops on the platform, so customers are encouraged to check
to locate their stop and route information. The convenience store at Hurdman Station will be closed when the new relocated platform opens.

Further details, schedules and maps are available at ontrack2018.ca .


For automated bus arrival information, customers can call 613-560-1000 , or text 560560, plus their four-digit bus stop number. For more information and travel planning, visit octranspo.com or call 613-741-4390 .