Remembering Dieppe Raid: A ceremony days late and a new museum exhibit

[ Personnel landing crafts draw away from a motor torpedo boat to start their run-in to the Dieppe beaches, Aug. 19, 1942 / Barges de débarquement s’éloignant d’un torpilleur afin de commencer leur approche vers les plages de Dieppe, 19 août 1942


The official Ottawa ceremony to mark 75 years since the Dieppe Raid will take place on Tuesday, rather than the actual anniversary on Saturday.

The Dieppe Raid took place on Aug. 19, 1942 and ended with over 900 Canadian soldiers dead.

A Canadian delegation traveled to France on Thursday and will take part in commemorations there, returning on Sunday.

The Ottawa ceremony will be held at the National War Memorial on Tuesday. The time hasn’t been set and will be announced on Monday, Veterans Affairs told _ _ .

(Here’s a column from Tyler Dawson at the Ottawa Citizen about why Ottawa deserves a commemoration on the actual anniversary .)

A new exhibit at the Canadian War Museum will mark the 75th anniversary of the battle:

The display highlights the stories of Canadians such as John Dermody, who escaped death when a German bullet hit a spoon in his back pocket, and fighter pilot George Hill, who shot down his first enemy aircraft at Dieppe and went on to become a flying ace.

_ Dieppe _ will be presented until Sept. 4.

The museum also announced this week a new exhibit to commemorate the 1917 battle for Hill 70, which is open until Remembrance Day.