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Registration is open for Spring Cleaning the Capital

As the snow starts to melt, you might notice a winter’s worth of litter scattered around the city.

Twice a year, thousands of residents help keep our community spaces clean and green through Cleaning the Capital and you can join them by registering for the spring 2022 campaign!

It is estimated that over 1,350,000 kilograms of waste has been removed by more than 1.6 million volunteers since the campaign began in 1994.

You can register online now until Saturday, April 30. There are a variety of places you can choose to clean up, including community parks, shorelines, roadsides or even areas around bus stops.    

Important dates for the spring campaign:

  • Tuesday, March 15, 2022: Registration opens
  • Friday, April 15, 2022 – Tuesday, May 31, 2022: Spring Cleaning the Capital campaign
  • Friday, April 22, 2022: Earth Day 2022
  • Saturday, April 30, 2022: Registration closes
  • Wednesday, June 15, 2022: Deadline to submit your online cleanup report 

Starter cleanup kits are available upon request. To learn more about the campaign or register your project, visit ottawa.ca/clean.