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Rant (sort of) of the Day: Ottawa's rotting core

** From knitnut.net :


> > After reading [ Christina Blizzard’s assessment of Ottawa as a city rotting at its core ](http://www.torontosun.com/News/Columnists/Blizzard_Christina/2007/07/13/4335721.html) , it occurred to me that perhaps I don’t get out enough. > > > > According to Blizzard, you can eat lunch on the patio of a posh downtown restaurant while watching literally dozens of drug deals and countless people sitting around smoking crack in broad daylight. (I assume ‘countless’ is even more than dozens.) > > > > I decided it was high time to step out of my bubble and go investigate what’s happening in the heart of O-Town. I talked a friend visiting from out of town into joining me. (”Are we blobbing it?” he asked. “ _ Blogging _ ,” I said.) > > > > As we disembarked from the #14 at the Rideau Centre, I half expected the pungent stench of urban decay to take our breath away, but it was surprisingly delicate. > > > > [ Read on... ](http://knitnut.net/?p=431) > >