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Rant of the Day: Kids at the Hellboy late show

It’s been a while since we read a good Ottawa rant. Here’s one from blogger Gordon Dewis : **


> > Saturday evening, I went to the late showing of _ [ Hellboy II: The Golden Army ](http://www.hellboymovie.com/) _ at the [ AMC theatres in Kanata ](http://www.moviewatcher.com/theatres/theatre_information.jsp?unit=3703) ... The movie was quite good and most people will probably enjoy it. But that’s not what this entry is about. > > > > Rather, it is about the father who brought his two very young sons with him. One was maybe 6 or 7 years old and the other was 4′ish. Very young kids to be in a move with [ a rating of 14A in Ontario ](http://ottawa.film-can.com/RATINGS/ont.html) and that contains a fair bit of violence, but even that wasn’t the real problem. ( [ Read on... ](http://gordon.dewis.ca/2008/07/27/young-children-in-movie-theatres-at-late-shows/) ) > >

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