/ #Give us a hand 

Project aims to make affordable, 3D printed prosthetic hands

_ (Press release) _ Student apprentices at the University of Ottawa’s Entrepreneurship Hub partner with Ottawa’s The Door Youth Centre to make 3D printed prosthetic hands for youth abroad. ** About ** : The Give Us A Hand Project aims to create affordable, 3D printed prosthetic hands, and to send them overseas to persons in need. Our project also gives local youth in Ottawa the ability to create, while at the same time gaining advantageous skills in 3D printing. Giving ‘hands on skills in hand making’. ** Organizers ** : Young Makers; Program manager: Kristina Djukic; Go Give-Back App, Enabling The Future; uOttawa Entrepreneurship Hub; and The Door Youth Centre. ** Mission ** : Traditional prosthetic hands can cost around $10,000 to purchase.Unfortunately, there are many people around the world who are in need of prosthetic hands, but just can’t afford the high cost. At Young Makers, the goal of the Give Us A Hand Project is to make cheaper, and easily accessible prosthetic hands, while simultaneously teaching local youth new skill sets. ** Help Us to Help Others: ** Help our project by making a donation! All donations will go towards buying new materials and helping us to create as many 3D printed prosthetic hands as possible. ** Ways to Donate: ** Donations can be made through our Generosity page, theCommunity Foundation of Ottawa, and the Go Give-Back App. ** Go Give-Back: ** A mobile donation platform that helps causes to capture instant donations, while providing key analytics to help with fundraising and market decisions