Police wary of creepy clowns for Halloween

_ (press release) _ (Ottawa)- With Halloween eve upon us, the Ottawa Police Service would like to remind everyone to put their safety and that of others first, whether you are a trick-or-treater, homeowner or motorist.


We always encourage members of the public to report suspicious persons at any time of the year-Halloween is no exception.


There have been recent clown scaring incidents around the world and clown costumes are likely to attract more attention this year. In Ottawa, there have been 26 calls for service about possible clown sightings since October 1st.


We always encourage residents to report suspicious persons or activities at any time of the year.  There will be an increased sensitivity to clown costumes this Halloween night, so we are asking people to be responsible citizens.


As always, the Ottawa Police Service has extra patrols in the community to ensure everyone’s safety. Police will be on the lookout for incidents of mischief, bylaw infractions, LLA offences, provincial statutes and crime, like assault or theft.


“Don’t choose a costume or accessory that’s going to cause residents alarm,” said Duty Inspector Carl Cartright, Emergency Operations Directorate. “Guns of any type are sure to cause panic and it’s likely that clown costumes will too. These types of costumes in public may result in more calls to police.”


“These will be looked upon as a threat and police will respond accordingly,” said Insp. Cartright “Consider that you may be taking emergency resources away from someone who truly needs help.”


Anyone who commits a prank that contravenes any bylaw, provincial statute or criminal code offence will be dealt with in the same manner, regardless of their wearing a costume of any kind.


“We want people to have fun but do it responsibly,” added Insp. Cartright.


For more Halloween safety tips visit ottawapolice.cahttps://www.ottawapolice.ca/en/safety-and-crime-prevention/halloween-safety.asp.