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Police update on Friday's bus crash in Westboro

Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau speaks at a press conference on Saturday. (Via CBC News)

Ottawa Police gave an update on the investigation into Friday’s tragic bus crash at Westboro station, which killed three people and injured 23 more. Here’s what they said:

  • The investigation is expected to be lengthy, detailed and highly complex.
  • Investigators will look at all aspects, including human and mechanical error, weather factors, speed, the actions of the passengers and the driver’s history. They’ll also look at the vehicle’s data recorder.
  • Ottawa Police are leading the investigation. Transport Canada is collecting information and the Transportation Safety Board is not involved.
  • Police hope to release the scene Saturday afternoon, but it will be up to the City of Ottawa when the station reopens.
  • The driver was arrested Friday, but released shortly after, and Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau urged the public to not draw any conclusions based on the arrest.
  • Bordeleau says while accidents happen, Ottawans should have confidence in the safety of Ottawa’s transit system.

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