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PLAYMOBIL Replaces Stolen Watchman for Kanata Toy Shop

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PLAYMOBIL, known for its imaginative play and iconic figures, today presented Kanata toy shop, Tag Along Toys, with a new PLAYMOBIL life-size figure to replace the fireman stolen from last week’s daylight heist.

The Kanata toy shop’s four-foot-tall watchman was a local icon, drawing attention as it stood outside the doors of the shop.  However, after a decade long career, the unofficial Terry Fox Drive mascot was brazenly stolen from its usual post on March 30 in broad daylight. As the days passed and no fireman was found or culprit captured, PLAYMOBIL Canada came to the rescue.

“We heard about this story and immediately wanted to help out,” said Richard Brookes, Director of Sales & Marketing at PLAYMOBIL Canada. “We know how popular the PLAYMOBIL life-size figures are with children and their families, and how children love to interact with them. Our independent toy retailers like Tag Along Toys are important to us, so we wanted to do what we could.”


  11:00 a.m.

, PLAYMOBIL unveiled Tag Along Toys’ newest watchman, a knight; one of their oldest and most iconic figures. Children and their families who attended the event, had a chance to take the first selfies with the new life-sized figure. The knight will stand guard in memory of the missing fireman and help defend Tag Along Toys from any future daytime bandits.

“We are thrilled to be getting a new PLAYMOBIL knight to stand guard,” said Patti Taggart, store owner of Tag Along Toys. “We look forward to seeing all the happy faces who will come by to visit him and continue to take pictures outside the store. We thank PLAYMOBIL Canada for their generosity. They are an absolutely wonderful company to work with!”


PLAYMOBIL, headquartered in Zirndorf, Germany, is a toy manufacturer known for its iconic figures and endless imaginative play. For more than 40 years, PLAYMOBIL has been inspiring children to create their own adventures and let their imagination soar. The creative toy company offers one-of-a-kind play themes that allow children to explore new concepts about the world, process what they see

and stimulate their imagination and creativity.

** ABOUT TAG ALONG TOYS: ** Ottawa’s West End Toy Store in Kanata. Tag Along Toys is owned and operated by a Registered Early Childhood Educator with 20 years experience. Toys from Birth to Adults can be found here. Tag Along Toys aim to carry safe fun and educational toys.