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Photos from the Star Wars: Identities exhibit at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum

I took some photos at the Star Wars: Identities exhibit at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum last week. The exhibit takes up part of one of the museum’s air craft hangers, and it’s full of original props, costumes, models and production art from the movies.  Definitely worth checking out if you are a Star Wars fan.

I was amazed at the creativity and detail that went into producing the movie.  To create Yoda, for example, artists made dozens of concept sketches and even changed Yoda’s name a few times before deciding on the cute green guy we’re familiar with today.  Another part of the exhibit showed some of the helmets and uniforms from the film, created by a designer who had previous experience working with the military.  I spent quite a while studying the intricate models of spaceships like the Millenium Falcon and the Imperial Star Destroyer.

There are lots of pieces in the collection and it’s really well displayed, complete with audio descriptions and an interactive component where you can create your own Star Wars character. While most of the costumes and props are behind glass, you can still get really close to see the details on the items. You can see the full photo set here.

[ R2D2


[ Miniature stormtroopers


[ Tusken rader


[ Storyboard


[ Star Destroyer model


[ Millenium Falcon model


[ Close up of a rebel pilot


[ Close-up of a prop frieze


[ Darth Vader, close up



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