PHOTOS: Buskers of Winterlude

_ _ Hundreds bustled in and around Confederation Park Saturday afternoon as the second weekend of Winterlude festivities were underway.

Joining them were a group of musicians and buskers. _ ** ** _ stopped by to snap some photos. _ Photos by Devyn Barrie _

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L-R: Mohamed Mara, Olivier Landry and Estelle Lavoie jamming with percussion instruments just outside city hall. They are with the Baratanga entertainment company.[/caption]

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Estelle Lavoie takes a break from her instrument and dances.[/caption]

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Mohamed Mara offers his drum to a passing child.[/caption]

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A busker greets a child in Confederation Park. Using stilts, this busker towers at well over six feet tall.[/caption]

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The busker playfully takes hold of a passerby’s coat sleeve, starting a brief tug-of-war.[/caption]

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A busker pauses from drumming to look into the crowd.[/caption]

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This busker demonstrates a balancing act with glass balls as a crowd gathers around.[/caption]