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Photo: OC Transpo bus window smashed by "a tidal wave of slush"

Here are a couple of photos (shot by @andrewcnice ) of an OC Transpo bus hit by a “tidal wave of slush” during the afternoon commute.  Yikes. (Here’s a story about it from the Ottawa Citizen.)

Bus-ted! Another shot of the 93 bus windshield after getting hit with a slush wave! @ [ cbcallinaday ](https://twitter.com/cbcallinaday) @ [ alannealottawa ](https://twitter.com/alannealottawa) [ twitter.com/rogerscentral/… ](http://t.co/M3i1oErH65) — Mark Rogers (@rogerscentral) [ April 12, 2013 ](https://twitter.com/rogerscentral/status/322829144993976320)
Bus-ted! Check out the damage a tidal wave os slush did to the 93 bus this afternoon! @ [ cbcallinaday ](https://twitter.com/cbcallinaday) [ twitter.com/rogerscentral/… ](http://t.co/7Q384x0yeu) — Mark Rogers (@rogerscentral) [ April 12, 2013 ](https://twitter.com/rogerscentral/status/322828882464096258)

Meanwhile, this double decker OC Transpo went off the road and knocked down a hydro pole.

Another shot of the OC transpo bus [ #cbcott ](https://twitter.com/search/%23cbcott) [ #ottawa ](https://twitter.com/search/%23ottawa) [ twitter.com/ryanpaulgibson… ](http://t.co/4MoUt2tpfa) — ryanpaulgibson (@ryanpaulgibson) [ April 12, 2013 ](https://twitter.com/ryanpaulgibson/status/322701334748987392)


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