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Paul Dewar has terminal brain cancer

Former Ottawa Centre MP Paul Dewar says his brain cancer is now terminal.

Dewar announced he had a brain tumor in February. He told CBC’s Ottawa Morning that the tumor is now at grade 4, which means there is no cure.

“To treat it there are limited tools in the tool kit,” he told CBC. “What I’ve gone through is surgery and then radiation and chemotherapy, and then you hope for the best in terms of how much time you have to live.”

He ruled out running for mayor, which he was widely considered to be a possible candidate for prior to revealing his diagnosis.

Now he will spend time working on a new project, Youth Action Now.

“Youth Action Now will promote young people’s civic participation and unleash their power by strengthening grassroots action and collective leadership,” Dewar wrote in an open letter . “The focus will be on supporting projects that are conceived by young people themselves.”