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Overall crime down slightly, severity up in Ottawa Police 2015 crime stats

_ (press release) _ (Ottawa)—The 2015 Annual Report< [ http://www.


report-2015/index.asp ](http://www.ottawapolice.ca/en/annual-report-2015/index.asp)

of the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) was released today as part of the June 27th meeting of the Ottawa Police Services Board agenda.

“This report highlights the work the Members of the OPS do every day to keep our community safe,” said Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau. “It provides information about some of the special initiatives underway to address community concerns and to ensure we are modernizing as a police service. It also provides a comprehensive look at the statistics and performance metrics related to crime in Ottawa.”

The 2015 Annual Report offers residents information about Criminal Code of Canada (CCC) offences for the City of Ottawa and 23 City Wards. The information provides residents and visitors with a better understanding of crime trends and road safety in Ottawa.

Here are some highlights:

•       With approximately 31,100 reported Criminal Code of Canada offences (excluding traffic) in the City of Ottawa, the level of reported crime declined by -1% last year.

•       The clearance rate for total Criminal Code offences (excluding traffic) remained constant in 2015 with 36% of all cases cleared by charge or cleared otherwise.

•       After falling by more than 17% in the past five years, Ottawa’s Crime Severity Index (CSI) rose by 3% last year – the Violent Crime CSI increased by 7% to 48.8, while the Non Violent crime CSI increased by 2% to 42.2.

•       In 2015 the level of reported Violent Crime in Ottawa declined by 1%; however the overall severity of violent crime increased by 7% driven by increases in Attempted Murder, Robbery, Assaults, Sexual Violations and Abduction offences. The clearance rate for violent crime improved by 1 percentage point to 56%.

•       There were 7 homicides last year, all of which were solved. One historical case was also solved last year, bringing the clearance rate to 114%.

•       In 2015 the volume of reported Non-Violent crime in Ottawa decreased 1%; driven by fewer Arson, Mischief and Theft under $5,000 offences.  The clearance rate declined by less than one percentage point to 32%.

•       The number of calls received and entered into the OPS dispatch system declined by -2% to almost 334,500. The decline was driven by fewer Alternative Response calls (-7%). Mobile Response calls requiring an on scene police presence remained constant at 246,300.

•       In 2015 the Victim Crisis Unit responded to 5,530 calls and supported more than 6,648 crisis and post-trauma interventions. This is a 79% increase over the calls for service supported in 2014 due mainly to a revised partnership agreement with Ottawa Victim Services.

“Through strong police work and building partnerships our Members make a positive difference in our community every day,” said Chief Bordeleau. “Their dedication is the reason why we continue to be successful as an organization and their work is the foundation from which we can continue to build.”

** City of Ottawa crime trends 2014-15 ** from ** Devyn Barrie **