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Ottawa Sun dropping Sunshine Girl

_ (from OttawaSun.com) _ Note to readers Today we turn the page on the Sunshine Girl in the Ottawa Sun and introduce a new feature for those of you craving more sports coverage. Although we will no longer feature a daily Sunshine Girl in the print edition, it will continue to be available on our website, ottawasun.com . This is a change that reflects the evolving interests of our readers and our desire to focus on our real strengths: local storytelling, in-depth sports coverage and no-holds-barred commentary. I am also excited to introduce a new feature, one that draws on our rich photo archive and sports coverage. Starting today in your Sun you will find Spotlight on Sports. It is a daily feature that will showcase an iconic moment in sports history – locally, nationally or internationally – as well as snapshots and profiles of athletes who currently compete in Ottawa. If you have suggestions for athletes or sports highlights that deserve recognition, please contact us at spotlight@postmedia.com. Thank you for reading. Michelle Richardson, editor