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Ottawa Rant of the Day (it's Reevely)

This afternoon on Twitter Ottawa Citizen columnist David Reevely tweeted quite a thread on government transparency re: contracts.

Bunch of government officials reach an agreement to transfer public land from one entity to another, for public purposes. They hold a public event for it! Accept all the plaudits. Talk about how awesome they all are. When asked for the fine print, they promise to produce it, publicly. Then in private, in a length of time measured in minutes, they renege.

And for that, he’s nominated for Rant of the Day! Click on his tweet embedded below to open up the full thread and read it for yourself.

https://twitter.com/davidreevely/status/967124267614715904 ** Update: ** The government did wind up sending him most of the contract… ** Bonus link ** ** : ** Here’s CBC’s Joanne Chianello earlier this month on the obfuscation around another contract – the city’s with the consortium building the Confederation Line.


Devyn Barrie

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