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Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau cleared of misconduct after traffic court probe

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On August 8, 2016, the Ottawa Police Services Board received the report of the Ontario Civilian Police Commission regarding the Board’s request that the Commission investigate the actions of Chief of Police Charles Bordeleau in contacting the Provincial Offences Court Office on January 25, 2016, regarding a traffic court matter involving his father-in-law.

The Ontario Civilian Police Commission has cleared Chief Bordeleau of any claims of misconduct or unsatisfactory work performance relating to the matter.

According to the Commission:

“The evidence supports a finding that Chief Bordeleau did not engage in misconduct. Chief Bordeleau did not attempt to use his position to influence the outcome of the _ Highway Traffic Act _ matter nor to communicate with the prosecutors. … The withdrawal of the charge happened because the civilian witness did not attend and there was no reasonable prospect of conviction.  Withdrawal of a charge of this type in these circumstances was consistent with the practices adopted by the City of Ottawa in the prosecution of _ Highway Traffic Act _ offences.”

The Commission has advised the Board that the matter is now complete.

The Ottawa Police Services Board is the civilian body responsible for governing the Ottawa Police Service.  It is responsible for ensuring the provision of adequate and effective police services to the City of Ottawa’s residents.