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Ottawa photographer snaps the most beautiful fireworks photos ever

Yes, these are fireworks.

They were shot earlier this summer by David Johnson, and you can see more on his web site:


... he shot them at the Casino du Lac Leamy Sound & Light show back in August. Republished them here with Johnson's permission.


Photo by David Johnson .


Photo by David Johnson .


Photo by David Johnson .

The photos have been featured on several high-profile blogs, and I saw them on

the Atlantic

last week.  He created them using long exposure shots and adjusting the focus of the shots while in progress.

I asked David for a bit more info about the all the great (ahem) exposure his photographs have received.


Around Ottawa, I’ll try and shoot whatever I can get. I’ve shot a ton of Pinecrest little league baseball photos, quite a few nature photos from around Ottawa South, and basically whatever I aim my lens at. I was absolutely thrilled to see how much people have been enjoying my photos, and I’m glad I got to share them with the world!”

He’s now selling prints of the photo through his web site, FYI.


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