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Ottawa paramedics receive Ontario Paramedic Bravery Award

_ (press release) _ Eight members of the Ottawa Paramedic Service (OPS) received the Ontario Paramedic Bravery Award at Queen’s Park this evening for their brave actions in response to the incident on October 22, 2014.


The eight OPS members included: Chief Anthony Di Monte; Superintendent Rodney Hamberger; Paramedics Michael Call; Eric Jetten; Dan Pollock; David Perras; Mylène Carbonneau; and Adam Whiteford, Tatical Paramedic.


“October 22, 2014 is a date that remains etched in the minds of the people of Ottawa, and across the country,” said Mayor Jim Watson. “We all remember watching and listening to the news and seeing our brave emergency services responding to this tragic incident, while putting the safety of others first. On behalf of Council and all Ottawa residents, we congratulate the recipients of this provincial honour.”


This provincial decoration is awarded each year to the men and women in Ontario’s paramedic services, who have displayed outstanding bravery in the action of their duties – exemplifying selfless courage without concern for their own personal safety.


“The committed men and women of the Ottawa Paramedic Service are an essential part of our city’s emergency response team,” said Councillor Diane Deans, Chair of the City’s Community and Protective Services Committee. “The recipients of this bravery award are prime examples of our paramedics’ dedication to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy community.”


Last September, Chief Di Monte, Mr. Hamberger, and Mr Whiteford received the N.H. McNally Award of Bravery by the Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs at their annual general meeting in Windsor.