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A list of batting cages in Ottawa

Whether you’re looking to hit a few balls for fun or want some serious batting practice, here’s a few places in Ottawa where you can get in front of a pitching machine. (Unfortunately the closure of Dingerz in 2018 means one less great facility.)

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  • Target Golf Centre at 4870 Bank Street (south) has an outdoor batting cage facility.

  • Adventureland at 2477 Kaladar Ave. has two full-sized batting cages.

  • In Gatineau, Le Pavillion du Golf at 769 Maloney Boulevard (near Labrosse) has a batting cage.

  • About 30 minutes south of Ottawa, just east of Metcalfe, there’s a place called 417 Strike Zone (RR 1, Metcalfe). Call first to make sure they’re open: 613-821-3737.

  • You can rent a batting cage from a company based in Dunrobin called Circus Delights