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Ottawa enters "Orange Zone" status

Ottawa on Tuesday transitioned from the provincial shutdown order imposed in early January, to a new status of “Orange-Restricted”. That means nonessential business, such as in-person retail and dining at restaurants, may re-open.

Examples of other services that may re-open include gyms, museums, and cinemas. The Ottawa Citizen has more details here if you want.

Dr. Vera Etches, Ottawa’s Medical Officer of Health, urged Ottawa residents to remain cautious as the city emerges from shutdown. “I want to thank the people of Ottawa for once again getting us to a place where we can gradually and cautiously reopen schools and some businesses. We know this hasn’t been easy. But the fact that we are in a position to slowly reopen is direct proof that our actions matter. My advice doesn’t change: we must continue with our routine behaviours that we know keep COVID-19 transmission low: wear a mask, limit close contact to the people you live with, stay two metres apart from others, stay home when you’re sick except to get tested and practice proper hand hygiene,” Etches said.