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OPL one of the top ranking libraries participating in OMBI

The 2013 Ontario Municipal Benchmarking Initiative (OMBI) results were released today, and the Ottawa Public Library (OPL) surpasses most other participating public libraries on key comparators.

In 2013, OPL had the third highest annual library uses per capita (33.5) and the third highest electronic library uses per capita (15.0) in Ontario. OPL continues to provide more for less. Ottawa has the third lowest OMBI total library operating costs per use including amortization ($1.71).

“We know that the citizens of this city love their public library,” said OPL Board Chair Councillor Jan Harder. “It is promising to see results like these when we, as a Board, believe so strongly in this service.”

“We are pleased with the results and our standing compared with other participating public libraries,” said Danielle McDonald, CEO of the Ottawa Public Library. “We know that Ottawa residents value our services, and we continue to find ways to remain relevant and ensure a positive customer experience.”

OMBI collects data for more than 850 measures across 37 municipal service areas. OMBI acts as a source of credible information to assist Council, senior management, staff and citizens to understand how their municipality is performing over time and in relation to others.

The OMBI Performance Measurement Report provides comparative performance measures relating to several different municipal services. In total, 10 participating public libraries report 39 performance measures. To view the full report, please go to [




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